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As the cool weather sets in, Culpeper's Historic Downtown is gearing up for the holiday season with a host of themed street fairs and events to please everyone on your gift list. There are so many things to choose from in Cameleer, but we promise you know all the gifts, and some you may never have heard of!

With thousands of stores across the country and in Mexico, Rent-A-Center is proof that Culpeper is a year-round shopping destination. Given all this and more, it's no wonder that we're everywhere and always looking for the perfect gift for everyone in your life.

Residents and visitors can spend the day visiting the Culpeper History Museum to learn more about the past. Whether you choose your own, shop locally or just stroll around, many farms in the region are open all year round. There are many ways to get up close to the animals and there is a wide variety of feeding options.

You can learn about the 15 historic neighborhoods that once made up the city of Culpeper and explore the surrounding area. You can branch off and walk through the battlefields of the Kelly Ford Civil War, where Grant had his headquarters, Lee pitched his camp, Jackson fought and Stuart hibernated. With breathtaking views of the Shenandoah Valley, sky-high when the falling foliage hits, and you can explore one of the most scenic parks and hiking trails in Virginia.

If you love nature, you will find all aspects of nature around the lakes of the park and family-friendly farms. Culpeper also offers a second restaurant week in October, where fresh farm-to-table inspired dishes keep temperatures warm. Packed with everything you need to make a trip to one of the best bee farms in the country, La Bee da Loca also offers honey, candles and other bee by-products.

Virginia Craft Beer Month closes the summer in September, when Culpeper hosts the annual Libations Street Fair, which features different cuisines each year. The local farmers market really gets spring going, and art comes alive with local art classes and workshops that are offered all year round. Welcome autumn with the third Thursday concert series, which begins every first Thursday of the month at 19.30 in the town's market square.

The festival starts with a street festival in February, followed by a week in March. July is the time to celebrate the nation's independence with fireworks and downtown festivities, followed by the annual Independence Day parade on July 4 and the Fourth of July parade in the city square.

There are countless restaurants to choose from, whether gourmets or casual eateries with a penchant for craft beer, wine or cocktails. Whichever way you choose, a wide selection of food and drinks, from craft beers and wines to craft cocktails, awaits you.

The farm-to-table movement is alive in Culpeper, thriving on centuries of agricultural heritage and with chefs who cook what is fresh right on the farm. The annual Farm Table Festival, held every autumn, is the perfect weekend to explore the agricultural heritage of Cul Peper.

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