Culpeper Virginia Restaurants

For the restaurant presentation this month, I decided to return to Culpeper, Virginia, and visit both the small town and the large restaurant. Sandy Freeman practices her culinary craft at her restaurant, the Culpesper Restaurant & Bar, on the corner of Main Street and North Main Avenue.

Freeman, 51, has worked as a cook at Claire's Depot on Third Street for about 10 years. When she forgot to open her own shop in Warrenton recently, she grabbed it with both hands.

The new location is more open, casual and has a reasonably sized bar for occasional drinks, but the other options are more frequent casual dinners. It is perfect for special occasions dinners "I've got a few leftover boxes," she admits, "so she saves space for dessert." New at this location is that two tables in the kitchen area serve as cooking tables.

It is not just a normal piece of carrot cake, it is baked and garnished in the form of a carrot, and it is not only delicious, but also delicious.

The combination of flavors gives an old favorite a new twist, and Maragos has added some spice to the new menu. The medium rare duck breast is drizzled with balsamic-black berry sauce and accompanied by duck confit wrapped in prosciutto. It does not overwhelm the taste of the duck, but produces a subtle taste that languishes on the tongue. This salmon is cooked to perfection, with a hint of salt and pepper and a generous dollop of olive oil.

The menu also includes six sandwiches, including pastrami, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and rye, and side dishes such as pickled cabbage. New in the range are sliced tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes and peppers as well as various side dishes.

Sautéed garlic snails, duck confit wrapped in prosciutto and fried prawns, a shrimp wrap that is included in the starter salad. Bring your favorite Foti from the old menu to the new menu, including roast as an appetizer and roast chicken as a side dish.

Although I liked the first Foti location in Culpeper very much, I understand the idea behind this step. I can't remember the last time I ate cauliflower, but I found it delicious and can easily replace potatoes. Growing up in the area I never had a taste for many vegetables, but that has changed over the years and beets are delicious.

Culpeper Street used to be the site of the department store, which closed in April after years of operation. The new location is much smaller than the old one, but still offers an elegant menu in a much more casual setting. This barbecue area closed in February after nine months and is still open for lunch and dinner in the same place.

Hoping to appeal to vegetarians, the menu offers three types of salads, which can be topped with smoked pork belly, pickled prawns or a combination of both. As you can see, there are a lot of different salad variations as well as a variety of starters and sandwiches.

Eisenhauer and Freeman designed the menu themselves and prepared the dishes on their own, but they did not seem overly concerned, believing that the new company's unique offerings would set the place apart from downtown restaurants. With an area of 1,488 square meters, seating 26 in three dining areas, both Ms.-Freeman and Mr.-Eisenh Bauer believe that their freshly prepared meals will appeal to customers with a tight lunch time. While some of their favourite dishes will be retained on the new menu, new light dishes will also add to the lunch break.

Eisenhauer, 50, also owns and operates the oven, and the two also shared and sampled a few items, including a pork belly sandwich and a pomegranate-molasses-ginger apple salad. My companion ordered the pancake belly with pickled ginger and apple salsa, doused with fried jasmine rice, with a side of pomesapples and molasses, served over Asian rice to accompany the sautéed vegetables.

More About Culpeper

More About Culpeper