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NeighborhoodScout data shows Culpeper's recent annual rate of appreciation over the past 12 months was slightly above the national average. One very important thing to bear in mind is that the average appreciation rates for each city are only a few percentage points above the national average. Compared to Virginia, the data show that our average annual home value in our local area has been slightly below the local average over the past 12 months, even though we have been tracking the rate of home appreciation in Cul-de-la-Lue for over a year.

Culpeper's annualized rate of appreciation was 1.12% in the last quarter at a rate of 4.55%. Our cumulative revaluation rates over ten years are 38.93%, which is in the top 40% nationally.

The main level has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a dining room with kitchen and dining area. The foyer is divided into two levels, one for eating and one for living and eating in the kitchen. Our sale includes a 3,500 square foot, three bedroom house with 2,000 square feet of living space and an additional 1,200 square feet of office space.

The large room is a loft on the 2nd level that offers great views of the city and a large open floor plan with an outdoor terrace. This is something to see - for those who appreciate a welcoming workplace with great views and plenty of space for family and friends in the house.

There are spacious, pillar-free rooms and there is a great variety of natural light throughout the house - a perfect home for a family of four. Just a short walk from Culpeper County Courthouse is the much sought-after Davis Street Courthouse, an original Art Deco building that has been lovingly restored.

Enjoy a quiet, bug-free summer on the covered porch overlooking the fully fenced backyard or relax with a cup of coffee in privacy in the morning. The house is secured with trees, while the large terrace is a great place to relax for a morning cup of coffee and privacy overlooking the river and mountains.

It has an island with many closets for storage and would be perfect for retail or office supplies. Kitchen, bathroom, closets and studio were formerly used as kitchen / bath / closet studio, and a small office space at the back of the house.

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Builder offers buyers with CC $5,000 if they use our approved lender, Title Co-op or ask an agent for their website information to view the interactive floor plan. Builder also offers $3,500 to any buyer without a credit card if the buyer uses a lender that is approved or has requested the broker's website and information, including the name, address, phone number, credit card number and / or Your theme music -op or asking for agents while you look at the interactive floor plan. Builders are now offering a further $4,200 to buyers without a cc and $2,400 to the buyer's cabinet.

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Commercial office space for rent is located in Culpeper, Virginia, with an average square foot price of $1.5 million.

Formerly used as a gym and dance studio, this charming room has exposed bricks, mirrors and wooden floors, bricks and mirrors and a wooden floor.

Upstairs are 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, including a master retreat with a modernized and beautiful modernized ensuite with a soaking tub and private shower. There is a staircase leading directly to the living room and an open floor plan to the dining room, kitchen and dining area. The completely finished basement has a common room, which has already been used several times, and the basement is already prepared for the installation of a bathroom.

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More About Culpeper