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We are the only full service Culpeper hotel and are proud to provide you with all the amenities you deserve. We are committed to ensuring you have a pleasant stay in Cul Pepper, Virginia, and everything you need is available at our full-service hotels and restaurants.

During your stay, you can browse through our extensive library, relax in one of our lounges, watch the best movies and watch a good movie. Start your day with a complimentary breakfast, which includes breakfast, lunch or dinner in our full service restaurant and bar. The Culpeper Hotel's breakfast buffet is a great way to start the day with freshly baked waffles and a cup of coffee.

Business travelers will appreciate our full service restaurant, Copper Fish and Thyme Market, with its extensive selection of fresh, local and organic food. Thymed Market and Copperfish provide delicious food for you and your guests, as well as great views of the city and its picturesque views.

To make traveling at Culpepper even more comfortable, the Best Western Cul Pepper Inn features a full-service fitness center, fitness center, fitness classes and fitness equipment. You can select, set up and deliver a unit that suits your needs for Commonwealth Park or any events we hold there. Stay connected to a place where you can recharge your devices and relax in the comfort of your room with your phone, tablet, laptop or other electronic devices. If you want to end the day, visit our warm breakfast bar with our typical cinnamon rolls.

Outside, away from the hustle and bustle of the day, we encourage peaceful secret gardens that promote peace and relaxation. Consider the history of our country while enjoying the beauty of the historic Civil War battlefields and other historic sites on foot, by bike or on horseback. You can feel free to swim the Virginia River, canoe down the Rappahannock or Rapidan, kayak up the Potomac, roll the river to an abandoned gold mine, or contemplate the history of this country by taking a walk on a bike, horse or boat.

To make the city quieter, pay homage to those who lost their lives, who lived near the Civil War. If you want to explore Culpeper on your own, you can pick up a brochure with guided tours from the visitor centre in a railway depot built around 1904. Take Route 3 to the second exit of Business Route 29, take it south and have a lunch break in one of our many restaurants, cafes and shops. Here is your chance to visit the Library of Congress and historic downtown Cul-de-la-Luc.

You can also visit the Culpeper Museum of American History and the American Civil War Museum at the College of Humanities at the University of Virginia.

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